My Clients and How I Work

My Clients and How I work

I work with women who usually don’t even want to go to the gym. They often have busy lives. Some are in pain. Some have children, or grandchildren. They are not a size 8. They have all kinds of wobbly bits, strong bits, awkward bits, but they are all perfect ‘bits’ and our body should be respected, it is the only one we get. What they want is to feel encouraged, strong, valued. And they are. Because I know how hard it can be to take your health in to your hands and learn to love who you are, accept who you are, yet strive to be the best version of you.

We are not all cut out to be Olympic athletes, bikini models or gymnasts, but we can look after ourselves through exercise, leading to improved mental health and better nutrition.

It is a life affirming journey

We just need to find out what we love to do to move and embrace it, wholeheartedly. Balance in life can be very hard to achieve, and we can arrive one day at a crossroads feeling exhausted, overwhelmed and wondering ‘how did I end up here?’. Just knowing you want to feel better and have more energy is a good starting point. Realising you can stop the downward spiral and make changes to welcome in a new, vibrant life with more energy and a renewed zest for life. Of course, it is overwhelming, wondering where to start. One day at a time. That is all you need to do.

Our hormones, cycle’s of life, menopause, fertility and life struggles all play a part in our ability to exercise and take care of ourselves. Every day is different. And therefore, my approach is different as it takes that in to consideration.

Of course, nutrition plays a big role in our health, whether we want to lose weight, or to just fuel our body to have the best kind of sustainable energy we can. I can work with you on your nutrition if you would like. I’ll help you with meal plans, talk through your current diet and help you to optimise it and explore new food and ideas. I do advocate a whole food approach as much as possible.

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