What happens in a massage therapy treatment?

It really is my passion, and my job, for you to get the most out of your massage. These notes are here for you to get the most out of your session and to know what to expect. Any questions, just ask!

Before the therapy session

It really helps if you are prepared to spend a little time on the telephone or by email talking through your expectations for the therapy session and any physical or mental complaints you may have prior to the session. Ill also ask you to complete a detailed health questionnaire prior to your treatment. This will give me a better idea of which massage style is suitable for you as an individual and I can advise you on an appropriate treatment. It gives me the opportunity to prepare before a session to give you the best and most positive treatment, which has been tailored to you, as an individual, on the day. Click here for contact details for booking a therapy. You will also be asked to complete a comprehensive health form, prior to the treatment.

At the therapy session

At the beginning of the therapy session I will review the information you have given me on the health form and any discussions we have had. I use this information to structure your session and this time is in addition to your ‘therapy time’. For example, if you have booked a 25 minute back, neck and shoulder Swedish massage, try and come a few minutes early so we can have a chat, first. Your details are treated with the utmost confidentiality and there are firm policies in place to protect you. I truly welcome any questions or concerns you may have and am glad of the opportunity to discuss them with you to ensure you get the most out of your session.

We will also discuss any particular muscle problems you will have and what I will do to start to heal the complaints. Massaging tight and knotted tissue can initially be painful for the recipient, so I will make you aware of what to expect and ensure that you are confident to let me know during the session if it is too much.

I will leave the room for you to undress to the level needed for your massage and during this time I will be writing up your notes and preparing your oils. I am very sensitive to preserving your modesty and blankets or towels are used to cover your body apart from the area being massaged. I use an organic carrier oil (sunflower oil) or lotions during the massage to enable a good movement and reduce ‘drag’ on the skin during the therapy. If you have opted for an ‘Aromatherapy massage’ the essential oils we have selected to address your complaints will be added to them. Relaxing music is normally played, and if your idea of relaxing music and mine are different, tell me so that something more suited to your tastes can be played!

I will use different types of massage movement and techniques during the session, and they will be tailored to the needs of your body and your health. They will range from effleurage (long, stroking movements designed to warm up the muscles), petrissage (compression movements including kneading, rolling, frictions and wringing that compress and manipulate the muscles), tapotement (light pounding, hacking and chopping movements that stimulate the nervous system) and vibrations (small, gentle trembling movements along the nerve paths)

Depending on your type of massage therapy treatment it is normal for me not to talk except to check that the level of pressure is right for you. I want to encourage you to totally relax and be peaceful. However, at anytime you are not comfortable do let me know. This is your time to be looked after, so don’t be quiet if you are not happy about something.

After the session

After the session you can have all the time you want to ‘come to’ and get dressed in privacy. Be careful to keep your movements slow and gentle following a massage as your body should be in a relaxed state and tumbles can occur. Massage stimulates your metabolism so be ready to drink lots of water and keep hydrated following a session. When you are dressed and I come back in to the room I will talk through some aftercare pointers with you following the session but the most important thing to do is to try and rest and relax.