Thriving Woman – 12 Week On-Line Holistic Health Wellbeing and Fitness Programme

The Thriving Woman 12 week on-line programme is tailored individually. There is no one size fits all. The programme looks different for everyone as we all have different loves and hates, abilities and dis-abilities. Also, as women, our nutritional needs and body capabilities may change throughout our cycles.

Its so important that you look at this as a complete Holistic Health Programme. Fitness is just one element. Your mental and emotional health is addressed through mediation, affirmations, mindful minutes, family time, nature walking, whatever floats your boat and makes you feel energised. I would also encourage you to try things that you might not have done before. All of this is supported by an App and website log-in with video and extensive resources and guidance.

Each week there is a new empowering focus word for you to explore through affirmations, video resources and meditation. You are invited to really probe your feelings and investigate your barriers to living a full, confident life.

Each fitness session is tailored to you, your needs and goals. There are usually between 3 and 6 sessions programmed a week of between 20-60 minutes. These can be very light, like forest walks, or more gym or weights based depending on your personal goals and likes.

The Fitness Training element might cover the following which can be tailored to a gym environment or a home environment:

  • Strength training
  • Forest walks
  • Cardio vascular training
  • HiiT (High Intensity Impact Training)
  • Stretch and flexibilty
  • Yoga
  • Metabolic Conditioning
  • Calisthenics
  • Pilates
  • Kettlebells
  • Circuits
  • Power Walks
  • Nature Walking

How it works

I will ask you to complete a detailed health and wellbeing questionnaire and from that I will look at how you work, what makes you tick, your day to day life, what stops you from exercise and how we can fit that in to your life. I will look at your nutrition, what you like to eat,  social events (never stop them!), work and family patterns and come up with a plan for the 12 weeks..

Each week you will be set a new set of workouts to complete, and most importantly, personal wellbeing goals like meditation, going for a walk to clear your head, visualisation practice, journaling, affirmations to strengthen your soul, and nutritional development and exploration.

We will check in at least once a week so I know how you are getting on and to enable me to set the following weeks programme based on how the previous week has gone. If you need to talk more we will!

Holistic Health Coaching Session

You may feel you need an additional or start up face to face coaching session prior to, or during the programme. For more details on this, please click here Some of my clients have these once every 4 weeks in addition to the programme to help with accountability and also, additional wellbeing and health advice. Its not mandatory, but it sometimes helps.

Programme Costs

Before you sign up with me, we will have a conversation on the phone or by message to make sure I am the right fit for you. I don’t underestimate how much of an investment it is for you, so it is important you have the right person for you and your needs. If we think I am the right fit for you, I will ask you to complete a comprehensive health questionnaire before you start.

The 12 week programme is £275 which is paid in full prior to commencement.

It includes:

  • Detailed nutritional support
  • Video talks
  • Weekly themes and empowering focus words
  • Goal setting
  • Comprehensive 12 week Fitness and Holistic Health training programme
  • Wellbeing coaching
  • Meditations and mindfulness
  • Comprehensive support resources
  • Continued support by phone and message throughout

Do check My Clients and How I work and Tailored Holistic Health Coaching for more information