Holistic Health Coaching (Individual Sessions)

Its a personal journey..

Sometimes we need help to understand what we need to do physically and mentally to change ourselves, to be healthier emotionally and physically. It can seem daunting, overwhelming and frightening when you get to the stage that you know it needs to change to restore balance in life.

I would love you to come and sit down with me to talk about your dreams, what prevents you from leading a full life, and what I can do to help you in your fitness, nutrition and well being.

Send me a message for a no obligation chat.

My Health Coaching rate is £60 for the initial 60 minute appointment delivered on-line. I would hope that we would be able to get out of that a plan of action to address emotional, physical and nutritional goals and dreams, but subsequent coaching sessions may be necessary or you may choose to enter the Holistic Health Coaching Programme.