Hot fusion massage


When combining the deep relaxation of a Hot Stone Massage with the penetrating  and rejuvenating qualities of a Warm Bamboo massage brings an amazing therapy, called Hot Fusion Massage.

The hot stones set the scene, warming the muscles and introducing pressure to start to work through feelings of tension and stress, and allowing the heat from the stones to hot stonepenetrate the muscle layers. The warm bamboo is used to target tissue adhesion (knots) and muscular tightness with pressure adapted to the needs of the individual. Ultimately, it is a deeply relaxing, and powerful massage.

Full body hot fusion massage  £45 (treatment time 55 minutes)

Back, neck and shoulder and leg hot fusion massage £35 (treatment time 35 minutes)

Back neck and shoulder hot fusion  massage £25 (treatment time 25 minutes)

(Allow 40 minutes for the initial treatment including consultation. The massage will last for  25-30 minutes)

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