Deep moisturising and rejuvenating hand treatment

A luxurious and deeply moisturising hand treatment to rejuvenate, condition and relax hands and lower arms using organic oils, cremes and essential oils.

Your deep moisturising hand treatment includes:

  • A cleanse of your hands and lower arms using natural witch hazel
  • An organic Botanicals Lemongrass Scrub and Polish is massaged in to lower arms and hands and removed with warm towels
  • A deeply moisturising organic Botanicals Wild Rose Hand Lotion is massaged in to your lower arms and hands

Please do note that this is a skin and rejuvenation treatment and does not include filing or varnish.

Deep moisturising hand treatment £25

Combined deep moisturising foot treatment and deep moisturising hand treatment £45

(Allow 40 minutes for the initial treatment including consultation. The massage will last for 25 minutes)

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