Staying Covid-19 Safe


From 19th July as we move from Step 3 to Step 4 of the roadmap, the Government has updated its advice click here for the full update. In line with this I have updated my policies but will be remaining extremely cautious. All of the cleaning schedule, ventilation policy, and general practices remain exactly as before. However, it will no longer be mandatory to wear a face mask.

I feel it is important to note that whilst many of us are ‘double jabbed’ our children and pregnant or nursing mothers who are choosing, understandably, to not be inoculated at this time, are not. Therefore, I would ask that you bring your mask with you, and on arrival we can asses the ‘risk’ and both our levels of comfort. Regardless I will be wearing a mask in the ‘breathing zone’ where we face each other, and would also ask you to.

I will also wear a mask, and would ask you to, if you have a cough/cold symptoms that are not attributable to Coronavirus as that just helps to keep us all healthy.

I would also still ask that if you have the opportunity to do a lateral flow test prior to your appointment that you do so.

Lets stay healthy and thank you in advance for your understanding. (Finish update July 2021)


Sadly, all of us have been affected by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and our lives have changed in unimaginable ways.  

My priority on re-opening was to keep you as safe as possible, and prior to re-opening I implemented a number of changes which I would like to make you aware of. During the times I have been shut, I have completed the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Infection Prevention and Control course which is accredited by the Guild of Professional Beauty Therapists and Holistic Therapists Ltd, the UK trade body for our industry. I have also made myself fully aware of the latest government guidelines pertaining to my industry and keep up to date with changes as they occur. I have since made a number of adjustments to the way that I operate that you will notice when you visit. I continually review and risk assess the therapies I offer and keep fully up to date with the guidelines.

Test and Trace

On 24/9/2019 the NHS Covid app was launched which will help with Test and Trace. I now have a QR code which is displayed on the therapy door. Please feel free to scan yourself in when you come for your appointment. It’s not mandatory, but I will have to check I have your up to date contact details should the need arise. 

Booking and cancelling appointments

If I feel ill or have symptoms of C0VlD-19, I will self-isolate immediately and not work. This may mean that I have to cancel your appointment at short notice. I appreciate that this may be inconvenient but it is done entirely for your own safety. If your appointment is cancelled you will be able to re-book again.

If you or any of the people you live with feel ill or display any symptoms of C0VlD-19 – please advise me as soon as possible and DO NOT COME FOR YOUR APPOINTMENT. Similarly, if you have been advised, through ‘Test and Trace’, to isolate, please cancel your appointment if it falls during your isolation period. I have amended my booking terms and conditions and you will not be charged for any appointments which you miss due to suspected Covid-19 symptoms.

How do I prepare and arrive for my therapy appointment?

Please arrive at your appointment between 5 minutes early and exactly on time, its really important that you do come during these times as I may still be cleaning and ventilating from the previous client. Thinking ahead to after your therapy, if you would like water after your appointment please bring this with you in a bottle. I am more than happy to refill your water bottle when you arrive.

Please wear your own new, clean mask or clean face covering upon arrival. Please ensure you have sanitised your hands before putting it on and you don’t touch it again afterwards.

On arrival, please remove your shoes and coat and leave any shopping bags downstairs at the entrance in a large container provided for you .I shall then ask you to use some hand sanitiser immediately, which I will provide for you and take your temperature using a forehead thermometer. In addition feel free to wash your hands and bare arms in the bathroom adjacent to the therapy room. Hand wash and disposable towels are provided for you. You can then go in to the therapy room to get changed. Please carefully place your clothes in the tub on the chair provided and put any jewellery and watches on top of your clothes. Please continue to wear the mask for your treatment as required by law from 8th August 2020. As usual get yourself on to the bed and pull the blanket up over you. As you get ready I shall be thoroughly rewashing my hands and arms and applying alcohol sanitiser.

What changes have there been to my therapy experience?

After completing risk assessments on all my treatments, I initially only offered aromatherapy, Swedish and relaxation massage of the back, and back of legs. By doing this I minimised risk for us all whilst we got used to the new way of working. From 1st October I went back to my full list of therapies with the exception of Facials, Bamboo, Fusion and Thai Compress due to increased risk.

I shall be wearing goggles and mask at all times, and a new, clean apron for each client to avoid cross contamination. These will be washed at 90c at the end of each day. You will be on a fresh, new washable sheet for comfort (used only by you), with a separate nee, fresh, washable towel for the face hole which you can adjust to suit you. You will still have a comfy blanket on top which will be washed at 90C after it has been used, only by you.

The window will be open slightly during your treatment to try to keep the room ventilated, unfortunately if means there may be some street noise occasionally, but I feel that ventilation is a priority at this stage. In addition to ventilating the room I have invested heavily in an air electrolysing unit which renders airborne bacteria and viruses harmless and two handheld pressure ‘foggers’ which I use to clean the air and equipment in addition to the usual thorough antibacterial clean down after each client.

After your therapy, please get dressed, and come outside of the therapy room where I will meet you.

How do I pay and how much? How do I book my next appointment?

How to pay remains exactly the same, I accept cash or bank transfer. If you usually pay by cash, please continue to do so, but try to bring the correct money. If you pay by bank transfer, please complete the transaction the same day.

Before you leave I will make your next appointment with you, if you wish.

How are you keeping me safe? What are your cleaning procedures?

When you leave the therapy table will be stripped and the window fully opened to ventilate the room for 30 minutes before the next client as per the recommended procedures. As explained before, airborne bacteria and viruses are a concern which is why I invested in an electrolysing unit and handheld ‘fogger’ guns which is in addition to the government guidelines.

I shall remove my current apron and put it to wash. I shall then wash my hands, put on gloves and a disposable apron on for cleaning. The therapy table will then be sanitised and remade with new disposable towels plus one use washable sheets and blankets along with my own PPE. All surfaces and handles from the front door to the therapy room are sanitised along with the clothes and shoes bucket, bannisters, stair way to the therapy room and all contact surfaces in the therapy room. The bathroom is then cleaned.

All ‘single use’ blankets, bedding and aprons are put in to wash at 90c to ensure they are only used by one client to avoid cross contamination. I then remove my ,’cleaning’ apron and gloves dispose of them, thoroughly wash my hands and arms and put on a new apron and face PPE ready for my next client.

I take a lateral flow test every three days along with the rest of my household.