Holistic Health Coaching Programme for Women

Are you stuck in a rut and you don’t know where to turn to improve your health and fitness?

Are you overwhelmed by confusing and contradictory information on social media and the web on what you ‘should be doing’ but don’t know where to start?

You think you might be too old, or it’s too late to have a healthy, happy, balanced approach to your health and feel vibrant and well?

Maybe you have started generic fitness and nutrition programmes in the past but have lost momentum and interest because they didn’t embrace your unique challenges, likes and dislikes?

You find that a ‘fitness programme’ is no way near adequate and doesn’t take in to consideration your nutritional needs and conflicts, your hormones, your cycle, peri or menopausal symptoms, your personal health challenges, your busy life, your mental health, your spiritual health and the activities you actually enjoy?

You would love to have a more balanced approach to your own health with full support and just be fitter, confident, stronger and happier?

Read on if some or all of these questions are true for you…

I’m Janine, and I am delighted to offer an on-going programme of holistic health coaching for women, which will be designed and adjusted as we go to meet your own personal needs and goals.

I know there is no ‘one size fits all’ holistic health programme and that actually, what we need is to be heard and understood as we are all different, unique. Also, as women, our nutritional needs and body capabilities may change throughout our years and seasons and that these changes should be honoured and worked with, not against.

Its so important that you look at this as a complete Holistic Health Programme. Fitness is just one element. Your mental, emotional and spiritual health, time, work and family considerations, exercise likes and dislikes all need to be in balance for you to get the best out of this, and never have to do a ‘programme’ again.

My aim, is to help you get some space to explore how you want to feel for the rest of your life and help give you the tools to achieve this. Work with you to put in to practice what works for you and walk away with confidence.

How it works

We will have a dedicated weekly 1-1 on-line coaching session where we will talk about your hopes and dreams for your wellness, how we can bring them to fruition and start building on them in the coming week. You will also have my mobile number if you need to reach out in between the coaching sessions.

After your session I will set you some exercise sessions that meet the goals we have discussed, and maybe a little more when you are ready.

But, as important, we will address your mental, emotional and spiritual health through practices like meditation, mindfulness, going for a walk to clear your head, forest bathing, visualisation practice, journaling, affirmations to strengthen your soul. There are so many practices we can use and explore and what works for you is a very personal thing.

Each week we will work on a theme to bring focus and clarity on leading a thriving life. Activities, affirmations and meditations will all be linked in to one thing, one feeling, because that’s what we operate on, feelings. You don’t need to worry about getting confused and overwhelmed with information, but we will be working hard on you ‘owning’ each theme. An example of a theme could be ‘I am Confident’ or ‘I am Excited’. 

I will be able to guide you on nutrition and how your individual likes, dislikes and choices affect your physical energy and how this can change during the month and season.

Each month, you will also have access to comprehensive support resources which will be tailored to you as an individual and may include guided meditations, information sheets written by me on different aspects of health and well-being including visualisation and affirmation techniques and practice, journaling, eating for energy and vitality, balancing hormones, as well as step by step help on different types of exercise to suit you.

Programme Costs

Before you sign up with me, I will invite you to have an online session (free, of course!) to make sure I am the right fit for you. I don’t underestimate how much of an investment it is for you, so it is important you have the right person for you and your needs. If we think I am the right fit for you, I will ask you to complete a comprehensive health questionnaire before you start.

It’s a 4 weekly rolling programme and costs £300 every 4 weeks. I never have more than 2 people I coach at any one time to ensure I can devote the amount of energy this needs to your success.

Want to know more, or book a free, no obligation chat?

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